First of all, where is the light? Let’s watch it and see. Where does it dapple, where blind, where are the dark corners… And how can we enhance this so it meets the needs of the inhabitants? In the winter and the summer? Having reading light when you need it, having dim-able, gentle, seductive lighting for dining rooms, the right fireplace pieces, the sparkle of a hall entry light, appropriate lighting for a bathroom to see your reflection without dark spots, sconce or table light – what is one’s preference? Lighting can make or break a room, a moment. It must be right.

What warms us, draws us in, puts a focus on life if not light. A space should always have a considered approach to how light moves about throughout the day- where does it dapple…where does it burn… how do we allow for that? Lighting creates a story, a feeling – sets a tone. Whether firelight, candlelight, book light, ambient light, reflection, shimmering chandeliers or daylight- lighting is an opportunity to cultivate a desired atmosphere.

Then we get to layer in beautiful unique fixtures. So many craftsmen, from the past and working today are creating unique, functional and highly desirable pieces.