Collections have soul. They have a visual and emotional strength. They tell you about the home and the people living there.

My first love was books. The smell, the feel, the knowledge, emotions, the places they can take you to. So I love thinking about how to live with them, display them, organize them, and establish spaces in which to enjoy them. I hunt bookstores of all types, and often, I have the privilege of expanding a client’s collection.

My second love was art. First as a maker and now as a collector and champion. I buy from my gut and detest art as decoration. I may share pieces with a client but largely I try to create a canvas of sorts with the home which just waits for work my client loves to be installed. Often an existing collection drives the whole design. Collecting is my personal passion, so artists consistently inspire me and I encourage this interest in my clients as well.

And then the collections…dishes, vases, shells, what excites my client to collect inspires me to dream up a deserving housing or unique way to display these treasured items.